All Weather Vest

All Weather

Overview: This All Weather Portfolio Vest follows Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio Strategy, which was introduced by Dalio – founder of Bridgewater, the largest hedge fund in the world.

Objective: The goal of this strategy is to try and achieve a portfolio that has a balanced risk exposure to market conditions by investing in four core asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities, and gold.

You may like this if: You prefer lower volatility in your investment and would like to minimize the possibility of large drawdowns during periods of recession.

Vests are curated portfolios that comprise of stocks and/or ETFs. Vests are constructed with different goals or themes in mind. Some Vests are built to enable investors to invest into diversified core assets that balance performance and downside protection, while other Vests are theme based, enabling investors to narrowly focus their investments on specific industries or core themes.