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Announcing AlphaScreener: the best screening and backtesting tool for US stocks

Here at Vested, we evaluate and write about a lot of companies. We also create thematic portfolios (Vests). To expedite this process, we built an internal tool that helps us carry out our research faster and with more rigor. Now, we are excited to release this tool for everyone! AlphaScreener AlphaScreener is designed to help

How will the oil industry end

A question we have been pondering lately is: how will the oil and gas industry end? We cannot help but ponder this question because long term demand for fossil fuel energy seems to be shrinking: EV adoption is accelerating Solar panels are getting cheaper (at a faster rate than the most optimistic estimate) Battery cost

Making sense of the market conditions today

There seems to be a lot of bad news interspersed with good news in the economy. In today’s post, we will try to make sense of the mixed economic signals. That’s a tall task. So, where do we begin? Let’s start in the beginning of 2021. At the time, inflation in the US had only