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Q1 earnings of Tesla, Shopify, Amazon, Google and Facebook

Tesla’s earnings and the continued shift to EV and renewable energy The continued shift towards EV and renewable energy has been a boon for Tesla. The company reported revenue of US$10.4 billion, up 74% year-over-year. Here are four key takeaways: Tesla is expanding by replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. According to the company, in

Super apps and Grab

In this week’s article we will be discussing super apps and Grab. What are Super Apps? Super apps are apps that offer multiple functionalities in a single app. These apps strive to be the operating system of your life (Figure 1). Super apps typically start off by providing a core function that meet two criteria:

Metrics for different verticals – retails, oil and subscriptions

In this week’s article we take a tour of various metrics investors can use to assess different companies across different verticals. We will discuss: Cash conversion cycle (for retailers) Cash surplus/deficits after paying back shareholders (to asses oil companies) Customer acquisition cost (for subscription services) Everyone knows that the retail business is highly competitive and