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Introducing Vested Direct 🚀

Easy USD deposits made possible with Vested Direct From day one we knew that in order to provide a fast and cost-effective US investing solution, we would need to build not only an amazing brokerage platform, but also a smooth deposit and withdrawal journey. Vested Direct is our answer to the traditional costly and opaque

The Coal Crisis Explained

Today, we give you a primer on the coal crisis. The coal crisis explained There’s a massive supply and demand imbalance in the coal market, resulting in a surge in prices. Australia’s Newcastle thermal coal, a global benchmark, has gone up from $50/metric ton to about $200/metric ton (Figure 1). The imbalance occurred because supply

Primer on Synthetic Biology

The era of synthetic biology might finally be upon us. Today, we give you a primer on the latest developments and discuss why we might be near an inflection point for synthetic biology. Note that for this write up, we strive for ease of understanding. As such, we will use analogies and may oversimplify things.