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₹7,76,002 Vested Remit
₹7,79,354 HDFC Bank
₹7,80,092 Wise (TransferWise)
₹7,82,157 ICICI Bank
₹7,87,452 Axis Bank

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Cost to send $10,000 abroad

Why use Vested Remit for your next transfer?


No fixed fees. One of the best FX rates for conversion.


We have processed $200 million in remittances till date.


Initiate a transfer in 3 simple steps.


Get all your TCS documentation in one place.


stocks worth $2 – $50

for each transaction.

Your stock will be credited directly to your Vested brokerage account.

Easy transfer process

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Visit and login with your Vested credentials

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Top-up your Vested Direct account with INR

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Transfer USD at one of the cheapest rates

What purpose can I send money for?

Each purpose requires a supporting document. Please check the FAQs below and keep the document handy.



Health services

Family maintenance

Gift & donations

...and more

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    Purpose of remittance


    What is Vested Remit?

    Vested Remit is a cross-border remittance product that allows you to send money abroad for non-investing purposes like education, family maintenance, travel, etc in a fast, secure and cost-effective way.

    Is Vested Remit safe?

    Vested Remit leverages Vested Direct account to send funds abroad. The funds are kept safe in your savings bank account with SBM Bank India, an RBI regulated bank.

    What if I have an existing SBM account?You can still open a Vested Direct account with us. Please reach out to our support for assistance.

    You can still open a Vested Direct account with us. Please reach out to our support for assistance.

    What are the documents required for opening a Vested Direct account?

    No additional documents are required but we would require your PAN number and consent to download your C-KYC information.

    How long does it take for the funds to be deposited in the beneficiary’s account?

    Funds sent using Vested Remit will typically take 1 business day post bank’s approval to get deposited in the beneficiary’s account. This excludes bank holidays and weekends.

    What is the transaction limit under Vested Remit?

    Standard Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) limit of USD 250,000 in a financial year with the following sub-limits:

    1. Maintenance of relatives – USD 50 to USD 25,000
    2. Education – USD 50 to USD 25,000
    3. Travel – USD 50 to USD 5,000
    4. Health – USD 50 to USD 25,000
    5. Gift/Donations – USD 50 to USD 500
    What are the documents required for Vested Remit transactions?
    1. Maintenance of relatives- Proof of relationship as applicable
    2. Education – University Admission letter
    3. Travel – Travel documents (Tickets/Hotel receipts)
    4. Health – Medical invoice
    5. Gift/Donations – Reason for gifting
    Are Vested Remit transactions subject to TCS?

    A 5% TCS will apply to all remittances over INR 7 lakhs as per the revised LRS.

    When will my stock rewards be credited?

    Your reward will be credited into your Vested brokerage account in 3-5 days after the completion of the remittance.