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Q1 earnings of Tesla, Shopify, Amazon, Google and Facebook

Tesla’s earnings and the continued shift to EV and renewable energy The continued shift towards EV and renewable energy has been a boon for Tesla. The company reported revenue of US$10.4 billion, up 74% year-over-year. Here are four key takeaways: Tesla is expanding by replacing internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. According to the company, in

Metrics for different verticals – retails, oil and subscriptions

In this week’s article we take a tour of various metrics investors can use to assess different companies across different verticals. We will discuss: Cash conversion cycle (for retailers) Cash surplus/deficits after paying back shareholders (to asses oil companies) Customer acquisition cost (for subscription services) Everyone knows that the retail business is highly competitive and

Coinbase strategy analysis

The many Bitcoin bubbles Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, specifically – have undergone many boom/bust cycles over the past decade. Since 2014, we can count at least 3, possibly 4 (if we include the latest run-up) Bitcoin bubbles (see Figure 1). Each cycle lasted between 2 to 4 years, and, on average, after each bubble burst, Bitcoin’s

Russia’s revival is an opportunity for emerging market investors

What comes to mind when we think about today’s Russian economy? For me, and probably for many others as well, it is two words—oil and sanctions. Russia has always been highly dependent on oil exports. However, in 2014, things took a turn for the worse as a sharp drop in oil prices combined with western

Biden infrastructure plan and UiPath’s IPO.

How to spend US$2.3 trillion President Biden announced its long awaited massive infrastructure plan. The proposal is audacious. Here’s how he and his administration plan to allocate the US$2.3 trillion spending package (Figure 1): Some key takeaways: One of the key focuses of the plan is investments in fighting climate change. A major part of

Nickel shortage for electric vehicles and other things

Hot Money in China In a previous post, we discussed how increasing yield in the US can have a potential impact of reversing the flow of hot money. Hot money investors take advantage of the yield differences between one country and another. They tend to borrow at a lower cost in one country to purchase

Investing in MNCs through their Indian subsidiaries – is it still a good idea?

Investors from India are attracted to MNCs because they assume that there is a higher level of governance, technological proficiency and transparency. Investors have the choice – they can either (1) invest in these MNCs through the US stock market or (2) invest in the Indian subsidiaries of these companies since they are publicly traded

Market sell-off: 10-year US Treasury yield increasing

The US 10-yield is rising, and that’s causing a market sell-off. In this article we discussed why the yield is rising and the implications on the US stock market and the economies of the emerging markets. What is happening? The US Treasury yield is rising. The 10-year Treasury yield is the benchmark for other interest

2021 US stock market predictions made by the large investment banks & Tesla’s Q4 2021 vehicle delivery numbers

In this post, we talk about 2021 US stock market predictions made by the large investment banks and Tesla’s Q4 2021 vehicle delivery numbers. Stock market predictions are mostly incorrect It is a time honored tradition to make a stock market prediction as we transition to a new year. All the major investment firms do

The Rise of the Electric Vehicle Sector

Government policies accelerating adoption of EVs The secular shift towards electrification of transportation has begun. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, transportation accounts for a quarter of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, and road transportation makes up 72% of that.  In an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to develop industrial capabilities