The DIY Vest Championship is officially live!

Build your portfolio.
Beat the rest.Win up to $5,000.

You can win weekly prizes for the best performing Vest and daily prizes for the most shared Vest.

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$ 5,000

Number of Vests submitted


Number of players competing


Registration process

Follow three simple steps to participate in this championship.

Step 01


Sign up on Vested

Step 02


Create your DIY Vest

Step 03


Submit your entry

Weekly Leaderboard

Winner: Week 1 - Gaurav Mehta
Winner: Week 2 - Kshitiz
In Lead: Week 3 - Deepanshu Bhalla

Deepanshu Bhalla

37.33% Return
2 Rebalance


Return Rebalance Views
2 Naman Mitruka 2022H2 Market 27.95% 2
3 Pomila Samuel Cyber 23.16% 1
4 Sanish Samuel Dr Strange 20.98% 1
5 Samay Kumar Singh GROWMORE 17.22% 1
6 Kshitiz Kshitiz 16.07% 0
7 Darshan S J Vest2 12.96% 0
8 Anandeep Kaur heavy driver 12.80% 0
9 Dhruv Joshi TopVest4 11.98% 0
10 Somana Venkata Sai Krishna Rupesh NMGA 10.82% 0
Note: The leaderboard will be updated daily by 1 PM IST.

Daily Leaderboard

Winner (9th August, 2022): MD Danish

Unique views
since yesterday
Total views
since yesterday
Total views
MD Danish TECH 505 1,125 5,432
Daksh Khandelwal Value for Money 72 645 3,669
Harshil Shah HarMix 62 173 3,871
Kshitiz Kshitiz 35 53 313
Samay Singh GROWMORE 26 42 7,473
Note: The leaderboard will be updated daily by 1 PM IST and we will only consider unique page views to decide the daily prize winner.

What can you win?


Weekly Rewards

10 prizes every week!

DIY Vest Championship


20 prizes in total


Daily Rewards

One Vest takes away $15 each day!

Championship guidelines

Championship ground rules

  • Users can have multiple Vests. This is not a team event.

  • Existing Vests are not part of the event by default. Participants must submit an entry if they wish to enter the championship with an existing Vest. Simply submit your Vest using the registration form.

  • Rebalancing can be done once a week. For each additional rebalance, the participant’s rank drops by one.

  • A single Vest can have a maximum of 10 stocks.

How will the weekly and championship winners be decided?

  • The Vest with the highest final returns wins.

  • If multiple players are tied for the highest final returns, then the Vest with the longer time frame wins.

  • If the time frame is same, then the Vest with fewer number of rebalances wins.

  • If the number of rebalances are the same, then the Vest with more scripts wins.

  • If the number of scripts in the Vest is the same, then the Vest with the most number of views wins.

  • If the numbers of views are the same, then it will be deemed a tie, and the prizes will be split.

Prize details

Daily Prizes

The Vest with the highest number of new daily views will get $15. In the scenario where multiple Vests have the same views, then the prize will be split.

Total Weekly Prizes

Position Amount
1st $200
2nd $100
3rd $60
4th to 10th $20
Total amount per week $500
Total prizes $2000

Position Amount
1st $1,000
2nd $500
3rd $350
4th to 20th $50
Championship prizes $2,700


Is this a paid event?

No, this is a free event. Participants need to sign-up on the Vested platform, create Vest and submit the Vest entry.

What is the duration of the champioship?

This championship will last for four weeks starting July 25, 2022. However, you can create your Vest and submit your entry starting July 20, 2022.

How will I get my winnings?

Winnings will be credited to the participant’s Vested account. The participant can use those winnings to invest in the US markets or choose to withdraw. The amount will be credited to the participant’s Vested account within 7 business days once the winner is announced. Detailed terms and conditions related to withdrawal can be found here.


The winner is responsible for all taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or usage (investment or withdrawal). Participants are requested to go through the pricing structure.

What does rebalance consist of?

The participant can rebalance the entire Vest once a week without attracting any penalty. If the participant rebalances more than once a week, then their rank will be affected.


For every additional rebalance, the participant’s new rank will drop by one (new rank = old rank + 1).

I am using Vested. Do I need to sign up again?

No. If you are using Vested to manage your US market investments, excellent! You don’t need to sign up again.


If you already have an account, log in to your account, create your Vest, and submit it. This will confirm your entry in the championship. You do not need to fund your account to participate in the championship, but you are advised to complete your KYC as only after KYC you will be able to invest or withdraw your winnings, if any.

Can a single participant win more than one prize?

Yes, a participant can win daily, weekly, and the main championship prizes with the Vest(s) submitted.

Can I share Vests using social media?

Yes, of course. You can share your DIY Vest in your network using any social media platform. Tag @Vested and use the hashtag #diyvest. Sharing increases your views, thereby increasing your chances of winning daily prizes.

Where can I find detailed terms and conditions?

DIY Vest Championship terms and conditions can be found here.

When will the leaderboard be updated?

Daily and weekly leaderboards will be updated daily by 11 PM IST.

Where can I find more details about DIY Vest?

Watch the video to learn more about DIY Vest.