Vested and DriveWealth have a new bank destination for your fund transfers. 

Please update the beneficiary information in your net banking (please delete the old one and create a new one with the following information), and if you have previously printed A2 forms, please print new copies. 

Wire Instructions

Bank name: Silicon Valley Bank

Bank Address: 3003, Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, California, USA,  95054

ABA/Routing: 121140399


Beneficiary Name: Drivewealth, LLC

Beneficiary Account Number: 3303231840

Beneficiary Address: 97 Main Street, Second Floor, Chatham, New Jersey, USA, 07928

Further Credit To –  Your DriveWealth Account Number  (this is the ten digit number that starts with a ‘V’. If you generate the forms from our platform, we pre-fill this for you automatically).

Beneficiary Contact Number: +1 8004612680 (optional – only if your bank requires it)

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